Through a study of major authors, literary works and movements, the undergraduate programme in English Language and Literature helps students to achieve a mature understanding of themselves and the world, and to learn to read critically and analytically, write clearly and persuasively, reason soundly and express themselves intelligently in English. In addition to giving a solid foundation in English Literature and Culture, the curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills and intellectual growth.

The department curriculum comprises the analysis, study, and discussion of various types of literature, literary terms and movements; periods of English literature from Old and Middle English literature through the Renaissance and 17th century, the 18th century, the Romantic period, the Victorian age, to the present; and the theory and practice of criticism.

Apart from department courses, students will be able to take elective courses from a wide variety of subjects offered by the other departments of the University, notably in foreign languages, social sciences, computer programming, and fine arts. This wider distribution of courses will provide the students with opportunities to broaden their culture, contribute to a desirable balance of intellectual interests, and prepare them for more specialized studies in the future

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