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October 16 - 17, 2008
Bilkent University, FEASS Building, Seminar Room A-130


Description of Conference

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


915- 945 Registration; Distribution of Conference packets. Coffee and light breakfast foods.


945- 1015 Organizers' Greeting; Dean Talât Halman's Greeting


1015- 1115 1st PANEL: NAIPAUL AND RUSHDIE     Chair: Valerie Kennedy (Bilkent U)         (abstracts)

Tüzün (Bahçeşehir U): "Naipaul's Subjective Vision: Questions of Location, Authority and Legitimacy"


Tekin (Atılım U): "Salman Rushdie: The Placeless Migrant, and Mediator Meditating between East and West"


1115- 1130 break


1130- 1245 2nd PANEL: ENGLISH IN TURKEY     Chair: TBA    (abstracts)

Engin and York (Bilkent U): "Embracing levels of estrangement in the study of English Literature in Turkish schools"


Gürle (Boğaziçi U): "Stream of Consciousness à la Turca: Atay's reading of Joyce in The Disconnected"


1245-1430 Lunch


1430- 1545 KEYNOTE  Boehmer (U of Oxford): "Postcolonial Theorists in Practice: Gandhi and Mandela"    Introduction: Don Randall   (abstract)


1545- 1600 break


1600- 1700 3rd PANEL: NEW NATIONS OF ANGLOPHONE WRITING     Chair: Gül Kurtuluş (Bilkent U)         (abstracts)

Melikoğlu (Freie U): "Englishness, Japaneseness, or Universalism? Kazuo Ishiguro's "Japanese" and "English" Novels"


Randall (Bilkent U): "Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns: Anglophone writing as littérature engagée"


1700- 1715 break


1715- 1745  4th PANEL: SOUTH AFRICAN LITERATURE     Chair: TBA    (abstracts)

Barker [cannot attend]


Bennette (Bilkent U): "The Narrative of Space and Belonging in Christopher Hope's The Love Songs of Nathan J. Swirsky"


1745-   Reception

Friday, October 17, 2008


1015- 1045 Registration; Distribution of Conference packets. Coffee and light breakfast foods.


1045- 1145 5th PANEL:  QUESTIONS OF ETHNICITY AND RACE      Chair: Don Randall (Bilkent U)   (abstracts)

Fertile (Camosun College): "Immigrant and Indigenous Use of English in Literature in Canada"


Manocha (U of Toronto): "The Inevitable Race Plot: Escaping Race Barriers in Nella Larsen's Quicksand and Mulk Raj Anand's Untouchable"


1145- 1200 break


1200- 1300 6th PANEL: NAIPAUL AND RUSHDIE II     Chair: Gaurav Majumdar (Whitman College)    (abstracts)

Kennedy (Bilkent U): "Naipaul and the Construction of Ideas of England and Englishness in The Enigma of Arrival"


Altan (Beykoz Lojistik Meslek Yüksekokulu): "Midnight's Children and Dialogism"


1300- 1430 Lunch


1430- 1545 KEYNOTE   Boehmer (U of Oxford): "Plotting conviviality in the contact zone, London 1910"    Introduction: Don Randall     (abstract)


1545- 1600 break


1600- 1700 7th  PANEL: RELOCATIONS OF ENGLISH LITERATURE     Chair: David Cedric Bennette (Bilkent U)    (abstracts)

Carbajal (U of Leeds): "Unframing Princely India: The Legacy of E. M. Forster's Liberal Humanism in Ruth Prawer Jhabvala's Heat and Dust"


Majumdar (Whitman College): "Accumulating Returns: Revision and Relocation in Braithwaite's 'Xango'"


1700- 1715 break


1715- 1815 8th PANEL: ENGLISHNESS AND IMPERIALISM     Chair: Mine Özyurt Kılıç (Bilkent U)         (abstracts)

Hope (Ankara U): "Revisiting the Imperial Archive: Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, and the Decomposition of Englishness"


Tokdemir (Middle East Technical U): "The English and the Others in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials"


1815- Closing remarks, by Organizers - followed by reception